Part 2 Plainfield Train Station North

We are growing! This week 30 hands helped beautify the North Street side of the Plainfield Train Station. One of the highlight of yesterday is a Father brought his 3 children out to help, this shows our children respect and civic duties that so many have forgotten. We also had Councilman Cory Storch to see firsthand what the issue are and the need for trash cans around downtown and the building that are in violation of codes

We need to get NJ transit to clean under the platform and repair opening so that people do not hang out, we could not reach those areas due to the protective fences. We will call again.

A few of the Shade Tree Commissioners were part of the cleanup, they were able to trim up the overgrown trees and shrubs around the station. A few simple acts go along way for the Queen City.

Our total trash removed for our efforts from just at one location was 42 bags of broken bottles, plastic bags and plain old trash, again 30 hands and only 2 hours out of 2 Sunday mornings

Pass the word to others, we are doing all this wonderful effort by word of mouth and our amazing bloggers and home associations, still working on the news media to share positive items on Plainfield and all the wonderful citizens and our events in town.

We need to lead by example, we as residents have all invested in our community, keeping our homes and the public space looking the best for all to enjoy will make our values rise.

We have many elderly and or handicapped that may not be able to trim their shrubs or cut their grass. We will help our neighbors as a community in all Wards, all you have to do is ask or if you know someone that does not have access, we will be there for you as good neighbors Many hand make the work easy

We are asking as a grass root effort for the city to be diligent with the building and homeowners all over the city to enforce the zoning and compliance, with ticketing those who are ignoring to keep their properties in ship shop order.

The city need to adhere to the Codes of the Ordinances by following through with these to make our city special, the city employees have to understand that their livelihoods depend on our entire community pitching in together to make the city the place for residents and visitors to be proud of.

Here a few Codes that can control the trash and overall disgrace that appears on our streets



Sec. 4:1-15. Forbidden sales.

(a) No licensee, or any agent or employee of such licensee, shall sell, serve, deliver or allow the sale, service or delivery of alcoholic beverages to:

(1) Any minor; or,

(2) Any person actually or apparently intoxicated.

(b) No licensee, or any agent or employee of such licensee, shall allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the licensed premises by:

(1) Any minor; or,

(2) Any person actually or apparently intoxicated.

(R.O. 1957, 3:1-11)



§ 15:2-1. Notice to remove and destroy within ten (10) days.

§ 15:2-2. Determination of violation; notice.

§ 15:2-3. Method of giving notice and time to comply.

§ 15:2-4. Removal or destruction by the City.

§ 15:2-5. Charge for removal or destruction by the City.

§ 15:2-6. Penalty.

I was disgusted last week when calling the inspection office and was treated poorly by staff, at this time I will not mention names, but will address at the council meeting and mention the names for all to know that public shaming with the wrong attitude. This type of behaviors is not what anyone would expect from a public employee, if employees are unhappy with the duties that they are responsible for then they should seek employment elsewhere, we need our entire city on the same page for the betterment of Plainfield. We must expect 110% from the people who work for the city, the officials we elect and we as residents.

Action speak louder than words, let’s all work together for a Beautiful Queen City

Queen City Pride