Part 1 Netherwood Train Station South Ave

October 2, 2016

What an amazing weekend of seeing our neighbors come out and joined in both Clean-ups “Clean the Queen Block by Block” /  QCP


A little love and care goes a long way, people do smile when they see you out in the streets, chasing plastic bags, cutting weeds and making everything looks nice and shiny.


We will leave it up to Councilman Barry E Goode to report on the amount of trash that Saturday produced and give us a proper account of the hands that were walking the streets to make Ward 4 sparkle.


As far as Queen City Pride, our Part 1 at the Netherwood Train Station on South Street. We were able to Plant in the planters out front, clean and make a big dent on the South Side 14 hands on Sunday, again the magic number of 20 bags of litter, bottles, 2 tires, and one dead rat… Councilwoman Rebecca Williams was in the thick of the clean-up, moving dumpsters and tossing the bags in!!




So so sad today, people are still just tossing down litter, as residents need to say something, be kind like “Sir you drop your bottle” or do what we do, carry plastic bags with us when we are commuting, Dog walking and Running make a sport of picking up litter, you will be surprised by the reactions!


A few of us have taken it upon ourselves to take down the “we buy” signs on the corners of the intersections of the city, they are getting tricky by putting the signs up higher, but never fear, we have tools to knock them down too, just have to work a little hard to pull them down.


Queen City Pride


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