Part 2 Netherwood Train Station North Ave

Saturday was a great success with our Clean Up, we had our Plainfield youth that came out in force to achieve hours of Civic duties, Boy Scouts, Confirmation and generally young people showing that they care about Plainfield too.

All together we bagged 20, 7 old tires and 1 basketball, we only ask for others to join our clean ups for beautifying our Queen City, it only takes a couple hours out of your week and we all can make a difference.

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7 Eleven manager Jeffrey Hagan on the corner of Leland and South Street would like to express gratitude for our efforts, and is proud to see our residents out in force, Jeff has always supported our youth groups when they are out collecting donations, Thank You 7-Eleven and their Staff.

We need our local business to be part of the community so that we all pitch in, reach out to those you frequent and ask them to join our effort, by simply cleaning up in front of their business and reporting illegal dumping.

Our campaign for taking down the illegal "we buy" this past weekend we snagged another 50 signs, if you see them and you are unable to take them down send us an email and we will get out and remove them from the posts

We will be at the council meeting this evening to request again assistance from the Council to make sure grants that PMUA receives on our behalf for the City of Plainfield are used for the purpose of the residents to clean up.

PMUA receives 2 grants that have totaled well over 1.5 million dollars in the last 20 years.The grants come from NJ Clean Community and Recycling Tonnage.

With all these funds we should not be looking at illegal dump sites, we need to make sure we report these sites to Code and Violations enforcement. Their job is to resolve all matters and fine the landlords that do not take proper care of their property. North Avenue is a dumping ground near all the abandoned buildings, we need to look towards a major push to clean up the dumping.

PMUA is under contract to clean up issues of this nature and they need to step in up their game!

PMUA has only 10 years left on their contact, if they are not responsible partners with the city's and the administration the we should start to bring the services they offer back to the department of Public Works.

Together we can make a difference