Queen City Pride Watchung

Clean-up recap and our next effort!

Absolutely lovely day this past Sunday for all the 14 hands that assisted in QCP efforts. What a wonderful way to get out of the house, walk Watchung Avenue, we had the pleasure of meeting a young couple that moved to Plainfield Anthony and Daria, a great way to meet your neighbors, also we had 3 members of the Shade Committee with us, come and join our effort together.

We had Superman (John Louise) up on top of the cab of his truck to get the illegal signs down!!

The majority of the litter is not cause by the homeowners on our streets, but those who are driving though our Queen City and think that it is okay to toss trash out of their car windows. no thanks!

We did notice a couple of homes that are in need of a visit from Code and Enforcement…

Quality of Life Issues, at QCP, if you see something, say something! A simple call to the right person in our government is what we all can do as a community; QCP has the information on city services that can help email us

Our goal at QCP is not one of political but education and awareness of Quality of Life issues that affects all of us. Please take a moment and share our email with others. We are planning to do our best to keep up our campaign and efforts during the winter season.

Queen City Pride