QCP Historical Clean-up

This was the Historical Clean-up,our 12 hands, very interesting sites in our Queen City.

The Baptist Cemetery / Methodist Cemetery along a stretch of Plainfield Avenue between West 4th and West 7th Streets.

Thank you, Nancy Piwowar of the Drake House Museum for all your information about the Cemetery and the history of the Drake House. Amazing that we have these treasures in our city, we all need to involved. In the future, we will find out how we can make this final resting spot special for all the Civil War Soldiers and historical people that have been laid to rest. Nancy offered treats upon our arrival at the Drake House at West Front Street.

As we made our turn around up Liberty Street back to our starting point, the streets around Shiloh Baptist and St Mary are well cared for, nice to see that a few Places of Worship are taking care of the area’s around their building and giving back to the community, we need everyone to help, Block by Block.

We had a lot of encouragement from the neighbors as we strolled and chatted picking up the litter. They spoke about how it was nice to see more people caring about our city. Great way to meet the face of Plainfield. Come out and join us.

One older women asked if we could report illegal dumping, and we will do our best, ask why she did not call and she said that she did not want to bother City Hall. We need to make sure all of our residents know that the City and all the employees are here for all of the Queen City.

I am truly at a loss of words, we have been out for the last 8 weekend, socializing as we have walk in our community and we only see the same face week after week, a few people said that Sunday morning are bad due to Church, I am planning for the winter to try and attend every Churches services in town, since they all must be filled to the rim with the faithful and see if I can convince the Pastors to give up one or two days a year to get people out of the pews and spread the word with assisting in all our efforts of cleaning our Queen City.

As I leave you with the word of JFK this week, who said Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?

Our goal at QCP is not one of political but education and awareness of Quality of Life issues that affects all of us. Please take a moment and share our email with others. We are planning to do our best to keep up our campaign and efforts during the winter season.