Plainfield High School Student Council

Photo Attached of Members of Student Council: (L-R) Mr. JefferyTruitt, Advisor, Jurnea Johnson, Benjamin Borrayo, Justin Cooper, Kenar Meyers, Antony Nuñez, President of the Student Council, Dr. Phillip Williamson, Principal of Plainfield High School.

PLAINFIELD, NJ – Plainfield High School Student Council leaders will attend the 2017 National LEAD Conference in Washington, D.C. from February 2 to February 6, 2017. The LEAD Conference provides student leaders with a unique opportunity to use democratic dialogue to discuss issues and learn processes to resolve issues at their schools. The workshops are designed to boost leadership skills, learn about innovative fundraising and project ideas, create and maintain a positive school environment/ climate and culture. The students will engage in a variety of activities, including debates, student-led thought talks, and issues which critically examine the political landscape. Principal Dr. Phillip Williamson said, “This is a great opportunity for our students to learn about today’s important issues and have the unique opportunity to express their opinions and challenge the opinions of others in a tolerant, supportive atmosphere. This trip will also meet learning standards set by the New Jersey Department of Education.” The students will attend the conference from February 2, 2017 to February 6, 2017. The school will pay transportation, lodging and registration costs. The students will be accompanied by chaperones and school staff. For additional information, please contact Gloria Montealegre, Community Engagement Liaison, at 908-731-4333 or,