March 6, 2017


Through a grant from the Plainfield Foundation, four Plainfield schools will be participating in the Operation Outreach-USA Literacy Program.


Plainfield, N.J. – March 1, 2017 – Plainfield Public Schools have received a literacy grant that will be shared by four elementary schools during Read Across America Day.  The grant will focus on second and third grade students at Evergreen, Stillman, Jefferson and Woodland schools. The goal is to provide all 650 students participating in the program two new books to use during classroom instruction and then take the books home to build their own home libraries

Classroom teachers will receive guided reading lessons to help integrate the books’ themes across the curriculum and Bilingual Parent Guides to the books will also be sent home with the students.

“We find the most important indicator of our students’ success in school and beyond is captured in the simple question: Do they read?  Through this grant our students have the opportunity to delve into books and build on their own libraries,” said Dr. Debra J. Sheard, Acting Superintendent of Plainfield Public Schools.

All of the books feature animal and environmental themes with messages of respect, responsibility and compassion. The students will receive bookplate sticker to sign and place in their books with the message of being kind to people animals and the environment.

Donna Mullaney, Supervisor of Elementary ELA for the Plainfield schools applauded this effort, “Sharing books, talking about them, and reading them aloud is the greatest harbinger of success for our children in all areas, particularly reading.”

Examples of the titles that the children will receive are:

Violet , a fictional story written in rhyme that takes place on the Galapagos Islands, and focuses on two groups of birds; one with red feet the other with blue who don’t get along until a little chick with purple feet shows them how to live in harmony.

The Coqui and the Iguana, is a story within a story set in Puerto Rico that recounts the fable that some believe explains the origin of the island’s bioluminescent bays.

During the week of March 2 (Read Across America Day) the author of two of the Operation Outreach books will visit the schools and talk to the children about her books.  Operation Outreach-USA is a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts.  More than 1.3 million children in schools across the country have received books from Operation Outreach. To learn more visit .

The Plainfield Foundation supports charitable causes in the city of Plainfield and surrounding areas and can be reached at The Plainfield Foundation, c/o PNC Institutional Asset Management, 620 Liberty Ave., 7th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA  15222.

For more information please contact Gloria Montealegre at 908-731-4333 or email


Photos attached: credit Judith Golden, Operation Outreach-USA

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