F.A.B. Fashion Club at duCret

The duCret School of Art welcomes the F.A.B. Coalition (Fashion Against Bullying). F.A.B.’s goal is to launch a state-wide community of interacting High School fashion clubs that self-produce fashion shows geared toward changing bullying behavior among teens.

The F.A.B. Coalition is a non-profit mentoring organization that encourages youth and young adults to build CONFIDENCE through fashion. “We believe that young people should be exposed to unique programs that give them the opportunity to become educated, experienced, and successful in a creative, unconventional environment,” states Terri Todd, Founder of F.A.B.

The F.A.B. Coalition seeks to build fashion creativity, personal style and career paths while forming friendships through the common element of fashion. “Regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, religion, etc., it is our objective to teach and develop self-respect, mutual respect and positive self-presentation”, says Terri. An enormously successful and now fully instituted program launched at Linden High School in 2014, made it clear that teens in high school are highly responsive to becoming part of societal change for the better.

F.A.B. is newly teamed with The duCret School of Art. The mission of F.A.B. at duCret is to build confidence and prepare students for the creative world of fashion. Programs and workshops offer hands-on training and internships in backstage show production, setting up modeling for runway and fashion photo shoots, and designing fashion collections and presentations. The F.A.B. Coalition is built on the core of diversity and encourages students to be themselves and be proud of who they are. “It’s very hard to bully a CONFIDENT person! ​Through our fashion workshops, programs and events, we bring together the true meaning of the word TEAMWORK!”

F.A.B. at duCret provides training in basic fashion skills including: illustration and sketch, basic fast fashion (no sew construction), draping, back stage production, runway modeling, photography and photo session set up, applications for hair and makeup artistry, creation of blogs and social media instruction. In-school client experiences such as: (Celebrity Talks in-School or on location with Noel Walker/Glamour Magazine, Jay Manuel/America’s Next Top Model, Ashley Tipton/Project Runway), and on location trips (Dr. OZ Show, NY Fashion Week, NJ Fashion Week, and Latinista Fashion Week) are also part of the program.

Beginning in April, the duCret school of Art will offer F.A.B. fashion career classes for teens after school and an evening class series for adults. For more information and to register, visit: www.ducret.edu or call 908-757-7171, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5 pm.