Clean-up QCP # 5 Drake House April 30 9:00 am Plainfield’s historic link!!

THE DRAKE HOUSE, Plainfield’s historic link with its colonial past, was built in 1746 by Isaac Drake as a home for his son, Nathaniel. Today it is a city-owned public museum administered by the Historical Society of Plainfield.

Clean up ! 2 hours of Civic Fun at anther one of our oldest building in town. Come out and enjoy us for our 5th week clean up on a Spring Sunday morning to help our city sparkle! Sunday April 30, 2017 9 am to 11 am

It was at the Drake House that George Washington consulted with his officers during and after the Battle of Short Hills fought over the entire Plainfield area on June 25-27, 1777.

Nathaniel Drake, his wife, Dorothy, and his daughters Sarah and Phebe, were all patriots. Their sons, Abraham, Cornelius and Isaac, served in the Essex and Somerset Counties militia, and their freed slave, Caesar, was a Wagoner with the Continental forces. Washington and his officers were often entertained here when they were in the area on military maneuvers.

Queen City Pride, will have trash bags, gloves and Smiles for all who arrive. PMUA will be out helping with the trash that we collect, Planting and Spruce-up the Drake House

We will be planning to be out on the streets from now till October weekly #GoPlainfield