Knocking down Volcano's 7/1

WE have our project for this Saturday July 1st 8 am to 10 am. In the 4th Ward, 8 am meet at Plainfield Avenue and South 2nd Street 2 hours of helping our young trees establish roots.

We need volunteers for Saturday morning, will be walking on South 2nd St, West 3rd St, Grant Avenue and Muhlenburg. All that has to be done is to move the existing mulch away from the trunk. The volcano of mulch is too much around young trees, they need to be free and grow strong. Mulch should not be close to the base of any tree, it will destroy the tree base.

These are newly planted trees funded under the 2016 New Jersey DEP, Division of Forestry. The actual planting total of 113 trees that need our special care. QCP Clean-up !

If you are unable to attend, check you own block to see if there are Volcano's around and Knock them down so that the trees can grow Strong !

Without a doubt, we will pick up litter as we walkabout, thank you PMUA