Double Header Clean-ups

Saturday September 2, We will be doing back to back cleanups ! Cleaning the Queen City !

Join your neighbors for one or both!

8:00 AM to 9:30 am meeting at the Plainfield Train Station, we will fan out and take down all the illegal posters and signs that are taped, stapled and glued to our Light Poles, side of building, newspaper box and bus shelters.

Together #Unity and # Community we will make our Queen City Shine !

10:00 AM meeting at the Arlington Avenue Post office, fanning out from there to pick up trash and debris from the streets, fields and brook between Arlington and Stelle Avenue.

#OPEN #QCP # PMUA and so many more of our neighbors getting out to before the rain arrives for the afternoon.

If you are unable to attend, check your own street and the catch basins to collect the trash that builds up, we do not want to have flooded streets now that fall is around the corner.