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Maxson's PTO "Keeping Parents in the Know"

We welcome you to Maxson PTO for the 2017-2018 school year. We look forward to working with you, your child(ren) and the faculty at Maxson Middle School to help ensure a strong, positive and productive school year for the young people at Maxson.

We prepared this brief Q & A to help answer some questions about the PTO.

PTO Functions and Activities

What does the PTO do?

  • The PTO supports and enhances programs and activities that are offered by the school through various means.

  • The PTO provides information to staff, students, and parents on events occurring at the school and in the community

  • The PTO provides a forum where parents and students can express concerns or offer ideas that may be collectively forwarded to school officials for addressing or implementing

  • The PTO provides a platform for school officials to impart information to parents about events and potential administrative actions at the school.

  • The PTO assists school official with building school spirit by cheering on, and rallying the student body in preparation for major milestones such as state tests, sports, academic achievements, etc.

When and how often does the PTO meet?

  • The PTO has 10 meetings each year. Five of the meetings are General meetings and 5 of the meetings are leadership meetings.

: PTO General Meetings are meetings attended by any school affiliated parent, student, teacher, administrator, etc. who may wish to come out and take part in a meeting. The PTO general meetings are held in Maxson’s library from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday in October, December, February, April and June.

: PTO leadership meetings are meetings of the PTO leaders that are designed to plan out agendas, activities, future general meetings, etc. The PTO leadership meetings are held in Maxson’s library from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday in September, November, January, March & May.

  • Because the PTO have adopted an approach where we would constantly provide information to parents via email, we did not see the need to further inconvenience parents to come out to a meeting every month to get information that would otherwise be electronically delivered to them. While we promise that the 5 general meetings, will be worth coming out to, we also understand that parents today are busy and often juggling many responsibilities; so we wanted to make it a little easier, while still fulfilling our mission as the PTO.

Who is a member of the PTO?

  • Every parent, student and school official affiliated with Maxson Middle is automatically a member of the PTO and do not need to sign-up to take part in PTO activities. If you would like to share an idea, concern or let us know about good things happening with Maxson students, teachers, school, etc. we would love to hear you out at one of our general meetings.

General Email Notifications

How did I end up on a Maxson PTO email notification list?

  • If you are receiving email notifications from Maxson PTO via the email Maxsonpto@gmail.com, it is because at some point in the past, you either signed a form that requested your email for notification purposes or a request was sent to us to add you to our email notification list.

You can opt out of these emails by sending an email directly to maxsonpto@gmail.com or simply reply to one of the notifications stating that you no longer want to receive email notifications.

Why does the PTO send out email notifications?

  • We believe knowledge is power and that informed parents are able to make better choices for their children. We believe this so much that we have adopted the motto “keeping parents in the know”

Not all email notifications are related to school issues, why?

  • When mom is okay, the child is okay. When dad is okay, the child is okay. When the family is okay, the child is okay. When the community is okay, the child is okay. It is said that children that grow up in environments that are okay, tend to do better in school because they are able to focus better on their education, instead of on problems in the home or community. Because of this, when we come across information that can help the family and the community, we share it with our members.

Where does the PTO get the information that is sends out via email notifications?

  • Periodically the PTO leaders visit places like the library, parks & recreation, city hall, churches, board of education, etc. and take pamphlets and fliers that are posted that we believe may be of interest to our parents and students.

  • We also search the internet and sites related to Plainfield and Plainfield education.

  • Some information is provided to us by school officials and parents.

  • Note: Please share information with us about events, clubs, activities, programs, etc that are free or inexpensive that we can share with the PTO members. We ask that the information be verifiable via a flyer or contact information.

Can I respond/ reply to a notification?

  • Yes, please feel free to reply to our notification; however, we DO NOT give permission to anyone to use the contact information on PTO email lists or any other forum for any reason

PTO Leadership

Who are the PTO leaders for 2017-2018?

  • Walter Young (PTO President)

  • Diana Dover (PTO Vice President)

What is the best way to contact the PTO?

  • The best way to contact the PTO is through email maxsonpto@gmail.com. You can also specify whether you are looking for Ms. Dover or Mr. Young, both of whom has access the same email. If you do not specify who you are looking to address your concern, either Ms. Dover or Mr. Young will respond and try to address your concern in a timely manner.

PTO Funds

How is PTO funds maintained?

  • The PTO funds are maintained by the school. PTO funds are kept in an account, under Maxson Middle School “Student Activity” and are dispensed by school administrators. The PTO has found this way of handling the funds easier and less burdensome on PTO leadership.

What is the current balance of funds that the PTO has on hand?

  • On June 11, 2017 Ms. Sheree Davis (former PTO president) informed and confirmed with school officials that a total of $1,477.10 was the balance of PTO funds. As of this morning September 11, 2017 the funds balance is still $1,477.10.

I would like to make a charitable donation or other payment to the PTO. Who do I write the check out to?

  • You would write the check out to Maxson Middle School and make a notation on the check that the funds are for the PTO.

We hope this Q & A was helpful in answering some of your questions. If you have any further questions, please contact us. We are looking forward to an awesome year and many opportunities to partner, share and celebrate with you and your children!!