What is Plainfield Vision 2025

The City of Plainfield has created an opportunity for all its citizens to voice their opinions and provide their ideas on a range of topics that effect life in our City.

Please attend one or more of these meetings to give your input on how the City should move forward in the coming years.

Plainfield Vision 2025 is an opportunity for the community to express their vision for the future of Plainfield, so that current and future administrations can work towards a common vision for the community.

Listed below are the Listening Sessions for each of the categories that shape the way we live in Plainfield. all groups are at 7:00 pm

9/20/17 Health, Human & Social Needs: Hubbard School

9/25/17 Childhood & Youth Education: Plainfield HS

10/3/17 Economic Development & Vibrancy: Plainfield Library

9/27/17 Public Safety: Plainfield High School

10/12/17 Public Safety: Cook School

10/16/17 Public Safety: Washington School

10/17/17 Workforce Development & Adult Learning: Washington School

10/23/17 Community Arts & Culture: duCret School

10/23/17 Connecting Community: duCret School

10/25/17 Municipal Government & Essential Services : Plainfield Library

We invite you to come out and voice your thoughts, choose those topics that are of interest to you. We welcome your ideas and look forward to listening to what you have to share.