Residents HOMEWORK ! Asking ?'s to B.O.E. Candidates so you know how to Vote !

Get to know which Candidate is involved and has the correct answers!

School boards play a unique role in school district governance and provide a venue for communities to have democratic input into local education decisions. To effectively execute their responsibilities, school board members must clearly understand district governance and have a strong commitment to advancing student outcomes.

Governance, Finance, and Operations

Questions intended to measure a candidate’s grasp of the management and operational responsibilities of the school board and his or her perspectives on how to execute that role effectively.

What experience do you have with complicated budgets?

How can the school board prove itself accountable to those citizens?

What are three questions that you would ask a candidate for district superintendent?

What would you hope to learn about the candidate from the responses?

What do you know about charter schools and their mission?

Performance, Outcomes, and Equity

Questions probe a candidate’s familiarity with the performance strengths and weaknesses of the district and their commitment to student centered outcomes that are ambitious, equitable, and accountable

What do you see as the opportunities and challenges in this district?

What has the district done poorly over last 10 years that you would change?

To what degree are students in this district on track for post secondary readiness?

What is the current per-pupil spending rate in the district?

What has been tried in the past, and was it successful?

Independence of Thoughts and Actions

Questions in the Independence of Thoughts and Actions section are intended to weigh a candidate’s clarity of purpose, political independence or alignment with special interests, and views of board and district roles.

What are your views on open data and transparency of information?

What specific steps would you take as a school board member to improve transparency and make school district information more widely available?

How will you communicate your work to your constituents?

What civic, business, or advocate groups do you have connections with?

What are the factors on which you will base your decisions as a school board member?

Make sure you get out and Vote on November 6th, see you at the polls