March 19, 2019

Ahrre Maros Presents....

Sunday, March 24, 2019 at

3:00 PM  Plainfield, NJ


Every season I present a show that I look forward to all season but worry about ticket sales.  This is that show this season. Jud & Paddy are absolute gems but have no following in our area. Please take my word that this will be a fabulous musical event and you will be better for having been to it.


Watch the videos. Read the bios. Buy your tickets!


Check out this video of Jud ...  CLICK HERE

Check out this video of Paddy ...  CLICK HERE


About Jud Caswell...


Maine’s Jud Caswell is a little bit like a one-man folk festival. You’ve got your banjo picking, your Irish drinking songs, a rack of acoustic instruments, and a deep catalog of award-winning originals.

He’s often compared to James Taylor and David Wilcox, but his songs draw on a long musical history and wide-ranging influences from jazz and Piedmont blues to contemporary folk and rock.


Jud is currently celebrating the release of his sixth collection, “Watch The Fall.” This is his first CD of new material since 2007. The years between have been full of music and focusing on family, friends and community. The album reflects that focus. Early listeners have called it “homey and groovy and uplifting and thoughtful” -- a “celebration of life, love, family, and all that is wonderful about midcoast Maine.” 


About Paddy Mills...

Paddy is from the coast of Maine and you can hear it in his songs. His congenial delivery makes for one smooth listen. Whether at a coffee house, Festival, folk club or the corner of a bar, Paddy can spin a yarn, in an easy sort of way, that makes you feel like you’re sitting around the wood stove listening to the telling of old stories of your own families and friends.As a songwriter, Paddy has a knack for the overlooked. He knows that common sense is not so common, and simple truths are not so simple. Mainefolkmusic.com describes his songs as “intimate, heartfelt, finely crafted, and masterfully performed” Most importantly, though, Paddy's music can leave you grinning like you've just been let in on a secret -- one that you might just have known all along.Paddy has won some songwriting contests, played some folk festivals and traveled around a fair bit but he has spent most of the last twenty years wearing a hole into the top of his guitar playing up and down the Maine coast; collecting stories, songs and friends along the way. 

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