State of Our City for the PLANNING Board March 20th NO WAWA ! STOP the Madness!

State of Our City for the PLANNING Board March 20th at the Plainfield High School Cafeteria 7:30 PM

Make sure you have your voices heard about WAWA on South Avenue !


Stop the Madness! Plainfield we do not need a Wawa on Steroids on South Avenue!

What happens to all the business due to traffic issues!

Wednesday Plainfield High School Cafeteria Planning Board 7:30 PM March 20th.

Download link to the Original Planners report

What is the rush for this project !

The proposal consists of the consolidation of properties and construction a 5,100 square foot Wawa with 12 fuel pumps and 50 parking spaces.

The hours of operation will be 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

The properties are part of the South Avenue East Redevelopment Plan and retail convenience with fuel sales is permitted.

The proposal requires relief from 1 general standard and 2 design standards of the redevelopment plan.

The proposal requires relief from 15 supplementary zone regulations and 4 design standards of the land use ordinance.

The proposal does not satisfy 2 requirements of the completeness checklist.

The application fee and escrow deposit are past due.

We do not want our city to turn into mini 22