Good afternoon Council, Open letter to the Editor, Residents of Plainfield via Facebook and blogs:

As you all are aware of the situation with the proposed Wawa on South Avenue.

We have all been trying to understand the issues of why the Administration did not have full disclosure with the public on this project.

I personally try to be at all meetings, but I find that this was not presented to the council or the city at large, correctly or the vagueness of which Valarie Jackson spoke on R 278-18

As we all found out at the Planning board meeting, that in fact was incorrect, since traffic studies had been done and that the JMF was in talks with administration way before,


Also we spent tax dollars on Nishuane for a bogus report, that we all now see was for the benefit of the developer.

Shocking that the only Valet- Parking Restaurant in Plainfield was included on this redevelopment.

Included is the article that was published on Friday.


A few people have posted and shared on the pages around Plainfield https://www.facebook.com/queencityprideplainfieldnj/

We need to have clarity, we the residents were attacked by the Chair of the Planning board, showing that the Administration is running the city without due process for the taxpayers.

No one is against redevelopment, but the point is the amount of traffic that we will have to deal with once this is built.

Leaving Giovanna’s mid-day is an always an issue when trying to pull out after our Rotary meeting on Wednesday or pulling out of the Coffee Box in the morning, traffic and speeding.

With the multiplex on 22/ Terrill that will bring more traffic from the south side, and the amount of trucks and people coming to Wawa as a destination will be added.

Why did they push for this area? Is this so that Fanwood does not get the big box stores, but they can use Plainfield and we the residents have to deal with a Pilot in regards to taxes?

Since Quin Sleepy Hollow asked for one a Pilot for their other project. Developers are taking advantage of our tax base, we do not have to take everyone who knocks…

We need to have developments all over our city, not just South Avenue that is a 2 lane road, we do not see this monster size gas station anywhere on South Avenue / 28.

As I asked why are they putting up the same size building and gas pumps on 2 way streets, when the others Wawa’s are on major roadways in Union County?

Attached on images of Wawa Rahway and Elizabeth, and one of beautiful green Plainfield that will be become a rest stop, 24 hours a day!

With respect, Please have thought of what our

city will be in 10 - 15 years, Gasoline station will be disappearing with Electric/Battery Cars and that Pilot will be useless.

A resident that cares about Quality of Life Issues.

Timothy A Priano

Martine Avenue

Plainfield, NJ

917 402 6818

Rahway and Elizabeth with WaWA on Major roadways......