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duCret School of Art




The duCret School of Art is the oldest arts school in the state of New Jersey. Founded in 1926 by artist and teacher Marjorie Van Emburgh, the school was originally located in a large carriage house in a residential area of Plainfield. By 1936 it had outgrown its original quarters and obtained space in the Babcock Building, located in the center of the Plainfield business district. Over the next two decades, the school continued to build a reputation for excellence in art education.

In 1964, the Van Emurgh School of Art was acquired by Dudley V. duCret and became the Van Emburgh/duCret School of Fine and Industrial Art. It was incorporated in 1970 and moved to its current location in 1977, the George Strong house in the Van Wyck historic residential section of Plainfield.

Since inception, the school’s mission is to create an institution in central New Jersey where students can obtain a well-rounded, hands-on arts educational foundation. It strives to design and develop art philosophy of contemporary and traditional methods for duCret and the artistic community. The faculty consists of professional artists and designers who offer students the opportunity to gain the insight, knowledge and up-to-date skills of today’s artist.

The schools teaching staff has included such prominent artists as Jonas Lie, N.A., John Carlson, N.A., Peter Caras, Yasno Kuniyoshi, Boris Blai, William Zorach, and Furman Finck. Major courses of study are Graphic Design, Illustration, and Fine Art.


duCret offers over 50 classes in fine arts along with evening workshops and weekend teen classes. Foundation classes include Color, Design, Anatomy, Life Drawing, and Sculpting. Each instructor is a current professional artist and therefore classes incorporate writing and understanding contracts, marketing, and networking for the development of a thriving career in the arts.


Whether taking one class or ten, it is the school’s mission to prepare students for a successful career in the arts. duCret has a long-standing relationship with the Plainfield community and local artists. duCret School of Art brings together masters and students to study specific mediums and understand how to further individual artistic expression.

The school fosters community pride through creative events, lectures, workshops, and more. duCret is a community resource center for the arts and hosts open studios, workshops, children's art programs and art shows for the general public throughout the year. The school has made available its all-purpose meeting room for a variety of community groups.