Plainfield National Night Out- ANNUAL BOOK BAG DRIVE 2019

The City of Plainfield will host their Annual National Night Out at City Hall Plaza and Parking Lot. On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

We are inviting you to participate and donate if possible by helping to supply book bags and school supplies for some of our economically challenged students. With the generous support of partners like you, our goal is to sponsor at least 1300 students for the upcoming school year. Last year we were able to provide over 1200 students with book bags and school supplies.

Although our goal is full self-sufficiency for all our families and students and while Plainfield has made significant strides, in providing for its community; school expenses continue to be a burden for some. It is our goal to alleviate some of that burden and assist in preparing our students for a successful school year.

Our vision is for every child in Plainfield to have the best learning opportunities possible; having the right tools is an important part of what they need to succeed in the classroom. Donations and sponsorship will not only assist students in their preparations for school but give them the motivation they need to learn, grow, and flourish.

We are seeking your support and partnership by asking you to sponsor at least 60 students with book bags and supplies. However, any level of donation(s) and sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

We have found this company to be a great resource for other donors:

12 Preassembled 17 Inch backpack & 12 Piece school supply kit – In assorted colors will cost $87.60 a case, which is $7.30 per unit.

Any level of donation(s) and sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

Of course, you may choose to use another source of your choice, or you can call us at the number below for other ideas.

Rashara Fuller, MA

Director of Community Relations and Social Services

Plainfield Action Services

City of Plainfield

510 Watchung Avenue

Plainfield, NJ 07060

Phone: 908.753.3519

Fax: 908.753.3540