Branding Workshop for Real Estate Professionals - September 21st

September 9, 2019

Branding Workshop for Real Estate Professionals - "Get Asked For By Name!"


Real estate professionals face a unique challenge when attempting to build their brand because like many industries, they spend more time selling themselves than they do a particular property.


The relationship between the real estate professional and the client is an integral part of the ultimate value proposition, which requires us to take a different approach towards developing the brand. To accelerate revenue growth by effectively developing your brand, you, the professional, have to answer two questions for your prospects...


Join us today to;


Unpack the two pillars of establishing Modern Day Credibility

Build a customized, actionable content strategy

Elevate your confidence to start building your brand OR taking your brand to the next level!

Join us and make 2019 and 2020 your best years yet!





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